“We build a 'body of knowledge'. Inside Polarisation wants to share and continue to learn.”

About Inside Polarisation_

Inside Polarisation is the basis from which we organise our work. And with our network of skilled professionals we can handle multiple, larger projects and assignments. We have already seen a diverse group of clients, from the Dutch Association of Mayors to the West Deutsche Rundfunk, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to the Ministry Justice & Security, from National Police Forces of Germany and the Netherlands to the Public Prosecution Service in Amsterdam, countless European municipalities, (high) schools and universities to prisons and corporations… Far too many to list all of them here.

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Bart Brandsma

Consultant & Management
The Netherlands

Bart Brandsma is a philosopher by origin. The Polarisation Framework is developed by him and is based on more than 20 years of (international) experience with conflict & polarisation

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Tomas Baum

Consultant & Management

Philosopher Tomas Baum was director of The Flemish Peace Institute, fully equipped to offer consultancy and training in Belgium. He works from his office Treffend.

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Miriam Attias

Consultant & Management Finland

Miriam Attias is a very experienced trainer and consultant in the field of conflict mediation. She was rewarded with the Finnish Peaceprice 2020.

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