In just three animations you get the basics of polarisation, see the different actors and face the question: what to do?

How it works

A clear distinction between conflict and polarisation is a must. Both are ‘natural’. But the first one needs conflictmanagement, whereas the other needs a different approach: polarisation strategy. The dynamics of polarization play oug on all levels; from micro-scale to macro-scale. Where do you stand as professional?

The roles we play

The roles in polarisation are special. We all gained personal our experiences in the variations; pusher, joiner, the silent, bridge builder and/or scapegoat. It is most challenging to analyze what is happening on the scene and in ourselves. Can we find an effective and suitable strategy?

What to do after an incident

Incidents challenge our polarisation skills. Professionals apply the four game changers, but they do not wait for incidents or conflicts to happen. In ‘peace time’ we need to make an effort; focus on the right target group, subject, position and tone. They count to be able to show mediative speech and behavior.

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