After one session you can map a polarisation and weigh up your options...


To give you an idea of what the consultancy can cover, here is a selection of topics dealt with previously: How can we, as professionals, depolarise heightened emotions after an alleged terrorist attack? How can we take a different approach in issues of ethnic profiling and diversity? As a province, how should we introduce the idea of a wind farm? How can we counteract the organised infiltration by right-wing extremists at our school? As a mayor, what is my role and vision on ‘hot issues’? Does the Erdogan–Gülen polarisation in Turkey still apply to us? How can I work as a minister, CEO or department head? As television programme makers, can we opt for a more depolarising format…?

I like to offer customised consultancy. If I can count on your having the basic knowledge presented in my book, that will save us time because then, as conversation partners, we will be on the same level. We should exchange all relevant information in advance so that I can prepare properly. Then, in a one-on-one conversation or with a small group of stakeholders, we will create a sketch map of the polarisation, and analyse it to come up with the initial strategy. Sometimes we will need to take further collaborative steps afterwards. But sometimes you will gain sufficient handholds in just one session.

For clients who regularly find themselves in tense situations – police units, radicalisation experts, and municipalities – I have a multi-day ‘ticket’ arrangement. If something comes up, we can respond quickly to the situation. The business details concerning the use of the ticket are already settled.

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