We offer an interactive introduction lasting 90 minutes to a half a day.

Polarisation Workshop_

This workshop provides insight into the Polarisation Framework. That is the first component. Then we can look in two directions. We can look ‘inside’: “How do I personally, as a participant fit together, and what roles do I see for myself as a professional?” Or we can look ‘outside’: “What kinds of polarisation do I come across in my field and what do they need?” The best option, of course, would be to look at both sides.

If you would like to have a workshop, we’ll arrange it together with you. What is the situation? Do you have an urgent case? What is the composition of the team or organisation? What do you need to give your professionals the right handholds?

Keep in mind the number of participants. We advise working in small groups of up to 16 participants. When it comes to larger numbers, we’ll adapt the working method and number of trainers to get everyone involved. After introducing your people to the Polarisation Framework, you will want to offer them the opportunity to explore their own fields or their own personal (im)possibilities. This is only feasible with sufficient personal attention.


Small groups of 8–16 people.

For groups above this number we usually work with several trainers. For big gatherings we adapt the content and working method.

We will present the workshop at a location of your choice and we’ll discuss with you what facilities we need. Our substantive alignment with your needs is the factor for success.

(Currently we do not organise workshops with open registration).