Two sides in this field of tension now have their own translation - Spanish and Catalan.

The Instituto Catalán Internacional para la Paz (ICIP) in Barcelona publishes two outstanding translations (Maria Rosich) of Polarisation; understanding the dynamics of us versus them. This is impactful not only for the Iberian peninsula, but also for the entire Spanish speaking profesional world of mediators and peacebuilders. The strategic framework of us versus them dynamics is available in their mothertongue now. In a way it is a reward after the trainings given to a decicated group of participants from ‘both sides’, that still is meeting regularly and fruitfully is cooperating in this ongoing tension about the separation of Catalonia.

For Spanish. Polarización. Una mirada a la dinámica del pensamiento “nosotros versus ellos”
For Catalan. Polarització. Una mirada a la dinàmica del pensament “nosaltres contra ells”
These are in pdf, for epub-versions.

In his prologue Kristian Herbolzheimer (director of the renowned institute ICIP) recommends:  ‘The emphasis Brandsma puts on the difference between conflict and polarisation is highly surprising at first, and so is his judgement about our focus on dialogue – overrated – and trying to build bridges all the time. His book is one of the very few that opens the rights debate about this’.