How do you truly master our approach?

Team Finland

Interest in the Polarisation Framework has grown considerably, especially after we held sessions in Helsinki, Vihti, Mäntsälä, Oulu and Kuopio – in cooperation with the cities, the National Police Board, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice and the local Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres). Now a team of three trainers is working on local assignments. The most of the work so far has been around issues concerning the reception of asylum seekers and demonstrations against them.
In order to be able to operate well in Finland, we put our team of experienced trainers/consultants through 18 months of training. Besides attending five intensive training days they took part in actual assignments and now carry out their own introductory workshops and training sessions.

How do you really master the approach? By applying the Polarisation Framework regularly in all sorts of situations. Giving lots of training helps you to stand strong as a consultant. The consultancy itself provides the insights and input for revising and expanding the training courses.

Foreign teams who want to collaborate with Inside Polarisation after following a training course gain access to all our material, including the detailed training methodology and didactics. As a backup to daily practice, they can rely on the expertise in the network of Inside Polarisation, with the objective of being able to continue quickly on their own. Associated with this, we provide ongoing intervision.