Podcast Series on the Dynamics of Polarization and Leadership from the Center

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In collaboration with Wageningen University & Research, Bart Brandsma, in conversation with Edwin van Laar, created the podcast series Scientist in Polarization. This series on polarization provides tools and insights for when us-them thinking comes your way. The dynamics of polarization: how do you recognize it and how might you shift it? In this podcast series, Bart Brandsma guides you through his Polarization Framework in 6 episodes.


The series frequently discusses the polarization map. Click here to view and use it for your organization


Episode 1 – How to fuel us-them thinking

Inside Polarisation is a podcast series with tools and insights to help you learn how to navigate the tensions when polarisation strikes.

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Episode 2 – Gut feeling and truth

In this second episode Bart looks at the third basic law of polarisation - the irrationality in the dynamic of us versus -them thinking - gut-feeling.

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Episode 3 – On pushers, joiners and the silent

In this third episode Bart examines the first three different roles in polarisation.

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Episode 4 – The bridge builder and the scapegoat

In this fourth episode, Bart reflects on the last two roles in his polarisation framework, the bridge builder and the scapegoat.

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Episode 5 – A strategy to depolarise

In this fifth episode, Bart reflects on target group, topic, position and tone of voice. These four game changers are the bedrock of a strategy to depolarise.

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Episode 6 – What’s next

In the final episode of the series Bart reflects on what’s next for his polarisation framework.

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